Hero Mom Fights Off Mountain Lion After It Attacked Her Son

Before a wildlife officer shot and killed the large cat, a California mother fought off an MOUNTAIN LION with her bare hands after seeing it dragging her five-year-old son across the front lawn.

After a mountain lion attacked and dragged her five-year-old son across the front lawn, a California woman fought back with her bare hands.

On Thursday, a 65-pound mountain lion approached the youngster outside his home in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, and ‘dragged him about 45 yards,’ according to Capt. Patrick Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

From inside, the boy’s mother heard the commotion and came to his help, ‘punching and hitting the mountain lion with her bare hands’ until it let go of her son and fled, according to Foy. The lion was later shot and killed by a wildlife officer.

‘His mother is the genuine hero of this narrative since she single-handedly saved her son’s life.’

The boy’s parents transported him to a local hospital right away. He was believed to be in stable condition despite serious injuries to his head and upper torso.

After being alerted to the attack, authorities embarked on the hunt for the mountain lion.

The lion was still near the house, couching in the bushes with its ‘ears back and hissing,’ according to officials.

‘Due to its behavior and proximity to the attack, the warden concluded it was likely the attacking lion and shot and killed it on site to safeguard public safety,’ according to a statement released by the wildlife department on Saturday.

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