Child Killed in Kabul Latest Explosion as Rocket Hits House

An explosion hit Kabul just hours after the United Kingdom’s final flight left Afghanistan, killing a kid.

When a rocket hit a residential neighborhood near the airport, where desperate people were attempting to leave the Taliban, a boom exploded.

A youngster was murdered in the incident, according to an Afghan police chief, but no additional information were immediately available.
It’s still unclear whether there have been any more casualties.

Today, no one has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

According to Reuters, the US launched a military hit today on a car transporting “several” ISIS-K suicide bombers on their way to the airport.

The strike, according to a military officer, resulted in “major secondary explosions” and was successful in “eliminating” the threat.

They also stated that they are “evaluating the possibility of civilian casualties,” but that no such casualties have been reported “at this time.”

It’s unclear whether the American strike has anything to do with the home explosion near the airport.

More than 170 people were killed in a suicide bombing carried out by ISIS-K zealots on Thursday.

Two British nationals and the child of another British national were among the dead, along with 169 Afghans and 13 US personnel.

A US drone strike was launched in response to the explosion, killing two “high-profile ISIS targets.”

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