TikTok Bans Viral Crate Milk Challenge Over Safety Concern

Due to worries that people partaking in the trend could be badly wounded, TikTok has banned the popular “milk crate challenge” from its platform.

The latest craze involves stacking crates into a pyramid shape and attempting to climb across on foot without tipping them over.

According to the company’s spokeswoman,

“To prevent such content, TikTok forbids content that supports or glorifies dangerous behaviors, and we remove videos and redirect queries to our Community Guidelines. We advise everyone, whether online or offline, to be cautious in their actions.”

TikTok users are shown crashing to the ground in most videos illustrating the trend as they attempt to climb up one side of the makeshift pyramid and down the other.

The restriction comes after various healthcare workers expressed their concerns about the trend and the harm it brings to people who participate in it on social media.

On the app, searching for the trend’s hashtag now returns a “no results found” message. “This phrase may be associated with conduct or content that violates our guidelines,” the search results page warns users. TikTok’s first objective is to promote a safe and enjoyable experience.”

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