Teacher Arrested For Sleeping With Daughter

Nelson Akinsowon, a secondary school teacher in Ondo State, has been arrested for reportedly sleeping with his daughter by officers from the Ondo State Police Command.

Her father began having intercourse with her when she was 10 years old, according to the victim, who is now 17 years old.

When questioned why she no longer lives with her father, the girl recently opened up to family members.

Following that, unknown family members reported a case of child abuse to authorities, which resulted in the father’s detention.

According to officials at the Fagun Police Division in Ondo, the victim’s mother was not staying with the girl due to her sick health.

Her father allegedly threatened to kill her if she revealed the affair, according to the victim.

“My mother no longer lives with us due to her health concerns, and my father married another woman,” the victim explained. My father’s wife preaches to me about avoiding dating until I’m married, oblivious to the fact that my father has been sleeping with me.

”I couldn’t take it any longer, and there was no one I could turn to because he threatened to murder me if I revealed his deed.

“This caused me to flee the house until the police encouraged me to come to the station.”

The suspect, on the other hand, denied having had sexual relations with his daughter.

“It was her mother who concocted the allegation against me in order to damage my reputation in society because she is no longer my wife,” he explained. I’ve never shared a bed with my daughter.”

Fumilayo Odunlami, the Ondo Police spokesperson, was unavailable for comment; however, sources at the Fagun Division confirmed Akinsowon’s arrest.

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  1. How can a father we have filling with his daughter if this world is ordinary, they are so many spiritual attack in this world may God help us ooh

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