On a picnic in the woods with her boyfriend, a 20-year-old student was mauled to death by wild dogs.

During a romantic picnic with her partner, a student was attacked and physically torn apart by a gang of wild dogs.

Simona Cavallaro, 20, went out for an afternoon stroll in the woods when she was mauled by dogs on Thursday in Satriano, southern Italy.

Simona Cavallaro, 20, went out for an afternoon walk in the woods in Satriano, southern Italy, when she was mauled by dogs.

Simona and her boyfriend, who has not been identified, had just concluded a lunch in the sun with a group of friends when they decided to take a walk in the woods, according to local news site Agi.

Simona’s partner managed to flee, but she was ripped to shreds by the dogs, who allegedly chewed into every part of her body.

With a phone call, the boyfriend, who had managed to hide from the pack of dogs in an abandoned hut, informed the authorities.

Despite her severe injuries covering every part of her body, the 20-year-old was still alive when emergency personnel arrived on the scene and brought her to a local hospital.

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