“My blood will be on your hands” – Dad left in Afghanistan with family tells Boris Johnson after Taliban flogged him

If an Afghan translation who supported UK troops for five years is killed by the Taliban, his blood will be on Boris Johnson’s hands, according to an Afghan interpreter.

The father, who is currently in hiding, was battered by Taliban at Kabul airport and escaped with his family for their lives.

On Saturday night, August 28, as the last civilian and military flights to the UK flew out of Afghanistan, he pleaded: “Please don’t abandon us to the Taliban’s whims.

He exhibited the cuts on his back to Sunday Mirror and said: “My life and the lives of my family are in jeopardy. What if I’m detained? What will happen to my children if they kill me?

My blood will be on your hands, Boris Johnson - Dad left in Afghanistan with family fears for life after Taliban flogged him

“Every night, my daughter asks, ‘When are we going to the UK? When will your friends help you?’ It makes me cry.

“I can’t tell her, ‘They are not taking us, they are not paying attention to us’. There are no words. There is no food or water here and everything is closed.”

When Kabul fell to the Taliban, the translator went to the British embassy and got a letter recommending him for evacuation. But his bid to get out ended horrifically.

He said: “A Taliban soldier asked to see my documents. He saw the recommendation letter and he said, ‘You have been killing us for more than 20 years’.

“He started beating me, firing his gun over my wife and kids. He trashed my documents.

Everyone was crying and shouting. There were at least three men there. One shouted, ‘Shoot him!’

“They fired a gun into the air. One soldier beat me with guns and another beat me with a plastic stick. The third kicked me.

“All of my children were crying. My wife was crying too, and saying, ‘Why do you beat him? Why do you do this?’ It was horrible.

“When they finally stopped, I just ran with my wife and kids. I left everything – my passport and my documents. We just had to escape.

My blood will be on your hands, Boris Johnson - Dad left in Afghanistan with family fears for life after Taliban flogged him

“Now I am in Kabul but I can’t go back home. I am wearing a mask to cover my face because they are looking for people who worked for coalition forces.

“Yesterday, when I was on the street, a Taliban fighter called me to stop. I ran away.

“It is not safe. I’m really worried about my children. I don’t know where to go because lots of borders have been closed. The future will be very dark and a huge risk for anyone who supported the UK forces on the front line.”

The translator worked with UK forces for five years from 2009. He was caught in an IED blast in 2010 but escaped with minor injuries.

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