Kano child bride who was convicted of killing her husband, pardoned after 7 years

Rahma Hussein, a Kano child bride who was convicted of murdering her husband seven years ago, has been pardoned.

Hussein, who was detained at the age of 16 in 2014 and charged in a Kano high court with stabbing her husband to death the day after their wedding, was found guilty by Justice R.A. Sadik in 2018.

Because she was forcedly married and committed the crime at the age of 16, Sadik ordered that she be “detained at the pleasure of the governor of the state.”

Hussein’s release was “based on the suggestion from the ophthalmologist,” according to Musbahu Kofar-Nassarawa, a spokeswoman for the Nigerian Correctional Centre (NCoS) in Kano state, who talked to reporters on Saturday, August 28, 7 years after the incident.

Kofar-Nassarawa further said that the officials also advised the state governor, Dr Abdullahi Ganduje to consider the circumstances that culminated into committing the offence and grant her pardon. He said the governor obliged to the advice and granted her pardon.

Hussein expressed excitement after she was pardoned, thanking the committee, the governor and officials of the correctional centre for facilitating her freedom.

She said; 

“I’m grateful to the committee. The officials of the correctional centre, who recommended me to be a beneficiary of this gesture, may God reward you abundantly. I am also grateful to Governor Ganduje for his mercy on me. I am happy today.’’

Kano state’s Committee on Prison Reforms and Decongestion which played a role in the pardon, also paid fines of inmates with options of fines, paid compensations, and released those in critical health conditions, including the elderly.

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