“Buhari is too kind. If it’s me, you’ll serve Nigeria for at least 10 years before you can leave” Gov Obaseki’s former assistant, Jack Obinyan, criticizes doctors leaving the country

Former Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki’s deputy, Jack Obinyan, has blasted Nigerian doctors who have left the country for foreign countries.

He took to Facebook to complain that Nigeria had spent a lot of money training these physicians only for them to flee to other nations rather than serve their country.

“Nigeria will spend a wealth training you to become a doctor, something you will obtain with a lifelong debt in countries like the United States, then the next thing you will japa because certain conditions aren’t met,” he wrote.

“Meanwhile a whole lot (if not all) of you are earning via private consultancy and on the parallel earning from Government, something that is virtually impossible in the abroad.

“Buhari is too kind, if na me, you will serve Nigeria for at least 10years before you can leave. A Country inundated with ‘eating cakes and having it…’ Mtcheeew!”

"Buhari is too kind. If it

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  1. This man, I can’t waste my words on you.
    Just answer me, what do you know about Doctors ⁉️🙄
    Just respect urself and be a gentle man before unexpected curses will reach you from innocent souls.

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