Anti-vaxxer musician who appeared in ITV’s Bad Lads’ Army died in hospital from Covid at the age of 40, leaving behind a pregnant wife and claiming he couldn’t get sick because he exercised five times a week.

Marcus Birks, 40, was a Covid vaccine skeptic who claimed he couldn’t get sick as a result of the vaccine.

After getting the virus in early August, I was admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms.

As his illness deteriorated, he called himself “ignorant” and advised others to get jab66.

Marcus died at the Royal Stoke University Hospital on Friday, according to his pregnant wife Lis.

A Covid skeptic who believed he wouldn’t get sick since he worked out five times a week has died from the illness.

Marcus Birks, the father-to-be, had been admitted to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and blood clots after testing positive for coronavirus.

The 40-year-old patient and previous contestant on Bad Lads’ Army said he was’shocked’ to have become so ill as a result of his condition.

He expressed guilt for being “sort of uninformed” about vaccines and for “putting off” obtaining his vaccinations.

He died at the Royal Stoke University Hospital on Friday. 

‘My heart has been completely ripped out, and I don’t know how you are expected to live with such agony and hurt,’ Lis wrote in a tribute to her husband.

‘I kind of was ignorant towards it and just put it off. First thing I am going tell all my family to do is get the vaccine and anybody I see. And as soon as I can get it, I am definitely getting it.’

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