A US drone strike kills’multiple suicide bombers’ on their way to Kabul International Airport.

The United States has launched missile strikes against Isis-K suicide bombers who were planning an attack on the airport.

A drone struck a vehicle carrying “several suicide bombers” on its approach to the airstrip where the surviving soldiers and evacuees were assembled, according to American military authorities.

The US says it is sure it has neutralized the danger and that no civilians have been injured.

A toddler had perished earlier, according to an Afghan police chief, when a rocket dropped on a residential area near the airport.

It’s yet unclear whether the two instances are linked.

According to the Associated Press, US officials are “assessing reports of any other collateral damage.”

The strike was carried out by an unmanned aircraft flown from outside Afghanistan, according to a US official, and secondary explosions after the strike revealed the target was carrying a “large amount of explosive material.”

President Joe Biden had previously authorized retaliatory operations against Isis-K, the terrorist splinter group responsible for the deaths of 13 American soldiers this week.

Following the return of the last available UK flights, the US is continuing to evacuate Afghans ahead of the August 31 exit deadline.

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