Taliban Killed a Woman Because She Told Them She Was Too Poor To Cook for Them

When Taliban fighters knocked on their door, Najia was at home with her three children kids and daughter in a small town in northern Afghanistan.

Manizha, Najia’s 25-year-old daughter, was aware that they were on their way because her mother had told her that they’d done the same thing the previous three days, demanding that she cook food for up to 15 fighters.

“My mother responded, ‘I’m poor, how can I cook for you?'” Manizha explained. “(The Taliban) began thrashing her. My mother fainted, and they fired their AK47s at her.”

Manizha claimed that she yelled for the fights to come to a halt. She said they waited for a second before firing a grenade into the next room and left as the flames spread. The mother of four children died as a result of the beating.

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