Influencer Dies During Nose Job Surgery at Top Clinic

After a probable fatal “reaction to anesthesia,” an influencer died while getting a £4,000 nose surgery operation at an elite clinic.

Her temperature skyrocketed during surgery at a Russian clinic, probably as a result of a reaction to the anaesthesia.

According to sources, image guru Marina Lebedeva, 31, sought the rhinoplasty treatment to “fix” the curve of her nose.

At the Artibeaut facility in St Petersburg, she died despite the efforts of plastic surgeons and paramedics to save her.

As soon as they realized she was in difficulty, the private clinic contacted an ambulance.

RenTV posted a video of the procedure, which will be used as evidence.

In St Petersburg, a criminal case involving medical negligence has been filed, with doctors facing up to six years in prison if found guilty.

When the image consultant’s husband learned of her untimely demise, he rushed back to the city from a work trip.

One article stated, “The physicians are startled and say this happens once in a million procedures.”

The patient had passed many exams before the nose job, which was performed by highly qualified medics, according to the clinic’s director, Alexander Efremov.

According to accounts, he believes her death was caused by a genetic disease.

“A forensic medical examination will be conducted, but I can assure that the procedure was performed in accordance with all usual standards,” he said.

“If there was a violation, it would be the first of its kind.”

“To establish the circumstances and cause of the woman’s death,” the Russian Investigative Committee stated.

“The criminal case is still being investigated.”

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