I flew with my friend and her sugar daddy, but I was shocked when his wife and kids picked him up from the airport – Lady narrates

A shocked Nigerian lady has described an event involving her friend and her sugar daddy.

The young lady initially mistook the man for her friend’s spouse, but eventually realized he was merely her sugar daddy, according to her.

The epiphany came after the three of them boarded the same flight to the same destination, but when they arrived, the man strolled over to his wife and children who were waiting for him.

The lady was taken aback by what had transpired and asked her friend why her guy had abandoned her, but she answered that the woman and children he had gone to visit were his family.

Her companion strolled past the man as they were leaving, as if they didn’t know each other.

She shared the story in a bid to buttress her point that people who cheat only get caught if they allow it.

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