Court Marries Two Women Off in Jigawa Despite Father’s Objection

On Thursday, an upper Sharia Court in Jigawa State’s Hadejia Local Government Area married off two sisters whose father, Abdullahi Malammadori, reportedly refused to send them out in marriage.

Abdullahi Malammadori had been granted 30 days by the court to marry off the women, but he refused to comply.

As a result, the court ordered that their marriage be arranged by the state Hisbah board.

Fatima Kailanini, the head of the Hadejia Women Foundation for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, had sued Malammadori for refusing to release Khadijat and Hafsat Abdullahi to their suitors.

Malammadori was approached by Kailanini’s organization on multiple occasions about the need of agreeing to his children’s wish for marriage, but he remained persistent in his denial, according to Kailanini.

Malammadori, she alleged, not only rejected their selected suitors, but also refused to supply alternate suitors for the women, despite the fact that both were over 30 years old.

The grooms offered N50,000 dowry for each of the women, according to Ibrahim Dahiru, the state’s Hisbah Commander, who handed out the women in marriage.

The court and Hisbah, according to Dahiru, intervened to protect the women from their father’s excesses. The official then urged with the couples to show respect for their father despite their differences.

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