Bandits Shoots Down Military Helicopter Searching For Abducted Major

Top military sources tell SaharaReporters that the Nigerian Army and military aircraft searching for Major Christopher Datong, who was taken by bandits during an attack on the Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna State, are having a difficult time.

Apart from the unfavorable weather, which makes the terrain challenging for military Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance planes, SaharaReporters have reported that the bandits are apparently firing at incoming military aircraft.

“Of course, there are various bands of robbers, and no one knows for sure which one is in possession of the Major. You can’t bomb them because you don’t want to kill the victim along with the suspects. The weather isn’t helping matters either. If you fly too low, they will shoot at military aircraft. They fired at our planes, including the ones that were performing the search. As a result, the personnel searching from the air aren’t able to search all day,” one source explained.

“That is unconfirmed,” another insider said when asked if the military was considering ransom payments. There is no way for a bandit to approach the military for ransom. That’s the pinnacle of death. We can’t believe we’re not talking about paying a ransom,” he says.

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