Woman Makes Money by Farting on Camera

A self-proclaimed “online fart queen” has disclosed how she has made thousands of dollars by letting loose on video.

The woman, who goes by the moniker Lush Botanist, told a Channel 4 documentary that she started into the side business after being requested to fart on camera by someone online.

Surprisingly, it became one of her most popular videos, and the situation quickly escalated when another viewer offered her money.

She told C4 that her flatulence has earned her $25,000 (£18,100) so far, and that she may charge up to $175 (£123) each fart.

Her diet has been tweaked in order to get the greatest quality farts, she claims.

Lush added, “Parmesan makes my farts smell extra sulphur.”

“However, mozzarella makes me fart large, sparkling farts.”

Lush has such a strong reaction to cheese because she is lactose intolerant, which means she gets mini-meltdowns anytime she consumes dairy products.

She sits straight in front of a microphone to make her farts sound as good as possible.

“My farts are so loud that they sometimes blow out the mic,” the flatulence enthusiast explained.

But it’s not simply farting in front of the camera that’s made money.

By farting in jars and mailing them out to her consumers, Lush has revolutionized a rather niche pastime.

She also tells how she sells fart lollipops in a clip from the Channel 4 show.

Lush makes these by blowing on a lollipop of the customer’s choice — in this case, a strawberry-banana flavored lollipop.

The craziest request she’s ever gotten was to rip a miniature figurine from a model train set apart.

Lush’s farting money-making idea began when a fan encouraged her to let loose on video.

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