W/ Tyron Woodley’s Mom

We recently spoke with Tyron Woodley, who detailed what happened between Jake Paul’s entourage and his mother, Deborah.

Jake did not say anything inappropriate to Mrs. Woodley, according to Woodley, who blamed The Problem Child for failing to keep his staff in line.

At the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley press conference earlier today, absolute chaos broke out with the UFC star’s own MOTHER getting into it with the YouTuber’s camp!!!

It all happened after the two fighters squared off and posed for photos… and everything seemed to go as planned.

However, as the cameras returned to commentators Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell, a verbal brawl erupted behind them, involving none other than Deborah Woodley.

As a throng gathered around DW, seats were thrown down, and security and police were called in to try to settle things down.

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