Farrah Abraham Reveals Plan to Sue Havard

Farrah Abraham has moved on from her fight with Chrissy Teigen and is now blaming Harvard — yes, that Harvard — for “educational abuse” and threatening legal action against the university.

We caught up with the former “Teen Mom” star in Hollywood on Thursday, and she rattled off her long list of grievances with the prestigious Ivy League institution… which stems from her allegedly being kicked out of a Zoom course by her teacher without explanation.

Farrah claims her professor, Patricia Bellanca, played mind games with her by telling her to turn in an assignment without checking it over… then using that against her in an attempt to persuade her to drop the course.

She also claims that Harvard’s entire online curriculum is a “joke” and a “scam,” and that she was racially discriminated against, claiming that she was the “most person of color” in the class.

Farrah goes on to say that she had no choice but to go public with her Harvard fight because her professor and Dean Robert Neugeboren allegedly have not returned her calls or emails.

Finally, she claims she will file a lawsuit against the institution for what she describes as “abusive” behavior.

We contacted the school, and a spokeswoman for Harvard University told us that they do not comment on individual student academic concerns owing to federal student privacy rules.

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