”Women I fear una”- Nigerian man claims DNA test revealed that the girl he thought was his daughter, is not his (photos)

Eguveso Enifome, a Nigerian father, has resorted to social media to express his dismay, alleging that a DNA test has proved that the girl he thought was his daughter is not.

In a series of posts on his Facebook page, a dejected Enifome said he reached out to a young girl with whom he had sex while in school to congratulate her on the birth of her child.

He claimed she informed him that the newborn girl was his as he reached out to congratulate her.

He claimed that when the problem was brought to his parents’ attention, they informed him that the newborn girl resembled him, and he embraced the child and assumed the position of her father.

Enifome began to have some doubts and decided to carry out a DNA test on the little girl. He said their samples were taken and sent over to the US for examination, The result returned today and accordinh to him, it showed he is not the father of the little girl.

”After a DNA confirmation from western hospital Warri to the United States of America this child is NoT MY child”

In a video shared, the distraught young man said 

 ”I ahve always said it from day one that the possibility of this child being mine is very low because when she was pregnant I was not aware. She was pregnant, two or three years later that she came saying she is your child. I was the one who even reach out to her to say I heard you have given birth. She said ”It is your child”. I was like ‘ which dirty child?’. She said a pastor told her that the father would ask of her.

I agree when we were in school we were together for sometime. She was not dating only me. We were many. I was just a side nigga, She had a boyfriend. 

When she was pregnant, I was not aware. Two years later she came saying she was my child. She took the baby to my dad, my dad accepted., saying the child resembled me. ”

He threatened to get the mother of the child arrested. He also shared a copy of the DNA result online.

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