Nigerian lady recounts how a man started making incantations after approaching her on the road

A Nigerian woman has resorted to Facebook to describe how a man approached her on the road and began making incantations.

Morenikeji Adekunle Praiseberry, who said she left her child with her grandmother while going out late at night to get cash, said she had the impression the man wanted to talk to her when he approached her.

She stated she felt compelled to follow the man when he began reciting incantations and asked her to do so before questioning why she was following a stranger she had never met before.

The Facebook user further revealed that she stopped following him and started saying “Loruko Jesu”, before fleeing from him.  She concluded by disclosing that the man chased after her, but stopped after she got to a filling station where people were. 

She wrote; 


Make una epp me thank God o

I stepped out to withdraw money because I had no cash on me. Thankfully, Ire was sleeping so he didn’t come with me. I was on the phone with my grandmum, normal level nah, she was praying for me.

Then a guy came to me like he wanted to talk to me, on the main road o but it was late. I told my grandmum that I’ll call her back later, then cut the call. This man started doing incantations and asked me to follow him, I felt the urge to follow him and I did, few seconds later, a thought came to my mind and I started asking myself why exactly I was following a stranger I don’t know from anywhere.

Then I stopped following him and started saying “Loruko Jesu” I pack race o and this man chased me till I got to a filling station that was filled up with people before he stopped.

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