Model Attacked by Wild Leopard During Photoshoot

During a photo session, a leopard bit a model and ripped open her face.

During the attack, Jessica Leidolph, 36, was repeatedly attacked on the face by the huge cat, which occurred at a German facility for retired show animals.

Troja, a 16-year-old female leopard, attacked Leidolph after he approached her enclosure, leaving the model with lasting facial scars.

She passed out and was rushed to the hospital with major bleeding wounds, where she was immediately operated on.

“It bit my cheek, ear, and head repeatedly,” she subsequently told Bild.

Troja shared the enclosure with another leopard, 18-year-old Paris, and the two had previously been on TV screens in a Panasonic commercial.

They were relocated to a 9,150-square-foot retirement home in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, that accommodates 135 animals and is frequently used for picture shoots.

The supervisors, as well as other people responsible for the animals, are being investigated by the police for negligent bodily harm.

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