Man Catches Cheating Wife In a Hotel With Up and Coming Actor (Video)

An aspiring actor who enjoys sleeping with the spouses of some of the community’s males has finally had his cup filled.

The suspected playboy is wanted in the area, according to sources, since several men suspect their spouses of having extramarital affairs with him.

According to the story, the man has been visiting the residence on a daily basis since the unfaithful wife introduced him as a brother.

On the basis of a tip-off from neighbors and his niece [supposedly], a guy storms into his room to find his wife in bed with the popular “community spouse.” He challenged them, as his niece used her smartphone to video the encounter.

During the confrontation, the man breaks a bottle to stab the ‘community husband,’ however, his niece stops and reminds him of the trouble he could get into with the police. He grabs and belt and lashed the hell out his cheating wife and her boyfriend.

Social media is divided upon seeing the video. A faction believes the incident was staged for mere social media clout while others think it is as real as it gets.

Watch the video below

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