Angel and JMK act as if they don’t want to be in the house on #BBNaija” Michael –

Angel and JMK, according to BBNaija housemate Michael, act as though they don’t want to be in the home.

On Wednesday, August 25th, Michael revealed this during his journal session with Biggie, when he stated that he nominated Angel and JMK for probable eviction since they act like people who don’t have the energy to stay in the house.

Angel and JMK, he observed, are always hesitant about household responsibilities and appear unconcerned about critical activities.

Talking to Big Brother read what he said below:

“I nominated Angel because she doesn’t participate in housemates tasks, she’s one of the slowest persons when we’re doing activities

“She’s either slow or sleeping off during one of these activities in the house and that gave me the energy that she doesn’t want to be in the house.

“JMK is also similar to Angel because I get the energy that she doesn’t want to be in the house, it was nothing personal.”

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