Father’s heartbreak as Taliban raped and kidnapped his 21-year-old daughter in ‘plot to make her jihadi bride’

After capturing control of Afghanistan, insurgents are believed to be targeting youngsters as young as 12 in their search for “young wives.”

According to foreign correspondent Hollie McKay, a father in Badakhshan was compelled to hand over his daughter.

After her friends were approached by militants looking for young ladies, the reporter shared Fariha Easer’s anxieties.

“Fariha told me the Taliban had been going house to house looking for women and girls over the age of 15 to marry,” she wrote.

“About a month ago, rebel members showed up on the doorstep of her friend’s home in Badakhshan, which the organization had taken over a few months before, looking for young brides.

“According to Fariha, the Taliban group claims to be’saviors, guardians of Islam.’

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