Famine Hits Zamfara as Bandits Warns Residents to Avoid Farms, Kill Two

Famine is currently ravaging sections of Zamfara State, with inhabitants of Kurar Mota in the state’s Bungudu Local Government Area being told not to go to the farms by gunmen suspected of being robbers.

Three people were also killed by the gunmen when they were destroying food crops on a farm in the village.

“On Monday evening, they arrived and executed three peasants. They also kidnapped 11 people and advised residents not to go to the farm,” a local stated.

Bandits have thrived in Zamfara state, resulting in deadly attacks.

Gangs have terrorized the state’s farming and herding communities for years, raiding villages, stealing animals, and kidnapping locals for ransom.

Hundreds of hectares of farmland remain uncultivated due to the deaths of dozens of farmers.

The majority of the victims were killed because they were stuck on their farms.

The state administration and the gunmen reached an agreement in 2019.

In 2020, the governor gave leaders of several “repentant” bands of robbers about 15 brand new Hilux cars as well as cash rewards.

Despite this, towns in the state continue to be assaulted, with residents being kidnapped or killed.

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