‘Dippin Dots’ CEO Sued by Ex-girlfriend for Sending Nude to Her Mom

A former girlfriend is suing Dippin’ Dots’ CEO, alleging that he embarked on a campaign to humiliate her by emailing nude photographs of her to various people, including her mother, but the CEO claims the action is an attempt to extort him.

According to Amanda Brown’s lawsuit, she had a connection with CEO Scott Fischer from 2019 to 2020. She claims the relationship was rocky, in part due to his “dangerous predisposition to abuse alcohol,” as she describes it.

Fischer is accused of extorting private sexual photographs from Brown by threatening to withhold “further financial support.”

He allegedly transmitted “private sexual photographs” to numerous persons “and attempted to blackmail [her] to act in specific behaviors” after they broke up, she claims. According to the lawsuit, they were fighting about who would get the dog and a specific automobile.

She claims he threatened to release private sexual photographs on Pornhub and that he followed through on his threats on subsequent occasions. “F*** you,” he allegedly wrote in one claimed contact, she claims. “I just gave your nudes out to everyone… I’m going to do whatever I can to hurt you,” he continued, adding, “Watch what I’m about to do.” I’ll make sure any sex photos or terrible photos are sent to your boss.

Fischer allegedly emailed a pornographic image of Amanda to her mother with this message in January, according to Brown… “This will be sent out tomorrow. Then I’ll file a petition on behalf of [the dog]. I requested a quiet escape. I said that I had a partner and that I wanted to get on with my life. I’m capable of causing a lot more pain. Watch.”

Fischer has exploited private sexual photographs “to gain a thing of value” against past girlfriends, according to Brown’s lawsuit. Fischer, she claims, was also physically violent.

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