BBNaija: “I’m not attracted to any guy in this house. I’m just using Sammie to catch cruise” – Angel says.

Angel told Beatrice that, while she likes Sammie, she is too sensitive to commit to a relationship.

On Monday, Sammie told Cross that he adores Angel and wants their relationship to work, but that he is having trouble dealing with her mood swings.

”I don’t know what I’m doing with Sammie, but I know I like him,” Angel remarked. I’m not optimistic about the prospects.

”I can’t say I’m catching cruise with Sammie because I like him. I am not flirting with him and it seems everyone is seeing something I’m not seeing. Most times I avoid being with him because I don’t want to cuddle and even after that I’m not ready for anything else.

”Relationship wise I’m very sensitive, emotion and I don’t want to invest my emotions and when I’m out of the house someone will think it was just my strategy.”

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