Resign Now, More Bloodshed Under You Than Jonathan – Sheik Gumi Tells Buhari

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic scholar, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign due to his inability to secure the country from criminals, who are causing the blood of innocent people to flow.

Gumi went on to say that the same counsel he offered to Goodluck Jonathan, the former president, would be given to his “own brother,” who appeared to be even less democratic than Jonathan.

As seen in a video posted by SaharaReporters on Tuesday, the Islamic scholar revealed these findings while speaking to a Muslim gathering.

“During the Jonathan era, when blood was streaming, I chastised him for not doing enough,” Gumi added. Because Boko Haram was placing explosives everywhere and the government was not doing enough, I blamed Jonathan with blood on his hands.

“Because they were slain under your reign, you are responsible; if you have done your best, I believe Allah will forgive you; nevertheless, if you are relaxed, Allah will not forgive you.

“It’s the same thing now; the bloodshed now is more than it was under Jonathan’s dictatorship. As a result, you now consider yourself to be fair. Our faith is a religion of justice. We are honest with ourselves. When blood was spilling in churches, mosques, and streets during Jonathan, I told him he should resign since he couldn’t control it. He couldn’t take it anymore. Resign with immediate effect, I said.

“At a time when people are dying all around the world, the President and governors are attending weddings. That’s what I mean when I say I don’t give a damn. It’s either that or I’ll be loyal to myself. I should call for President Buhari’s resignation in the same way that I called for Jonathan’s resignation. With immediate effect and the government papers (media) should carry it also.

“As awful as Jonathan was, he was more democratic. When he saw there was an issue, he gave up control and declared, “I don’t want blood,” Gumi explained.

Gumi stated that he had two choices: apologise to Jonathan or beg Buhari to resign. He said he didn’t have a third option and that Buhari should resign for failing to address insecurity.

“At this point, I just have one or two possibilities. If I can’t tell my own brother what I’ve told this man, I should fly from Abuja to Jonathan and apologize for publicly berating him. “There is no third alternative; either demand an apology or castigate the President,” Gumi added.

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