“We asked you to go because you’re unfruitful blatant failure” Oyedepo speaks on the sack of multiple pastors of his church (video)

Bishop David Oyedepo, President and Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide (also known as Winners Chapel Worldwide), has finally spoken out about the dismissal of some pastors.

Remember that in Ekiti state, a pastor called Peter Godwin claimed that he and over 40 other pastors were fired for not generating enough revenue from their branches.

Another pastor, InChristed Michael, came to Facebook to say that he, too, has been a “victim,” and that many more pastors have been sacked in other states.

The pastors were fired, according to David Oyedepo, because they were clear failures who weren’t bearing fruit.

He said: “I learnt some fellow said we asked them to go because they’re not bringing income.

“We asked you to go because you’re unfruitful. Unfruitful blatant failure… doing what there?

“We have no patient with failure here.”

As for those on social media calling his church out for the sack, he said they were all silent when he employed pastors on a large scale.

“When we employed 7000 pastors at once social media was dead,”Oyedepo said.

He added: “We have more employees in this organization than most states in Nigeria. No one is owed a dime salary and we don’t borrow, we don’t beg. Ask our bank whether we take overdraft.

“We’re covenant bond people, walking in the light of God’s word, enjoying an open heaven.

“We have fully delivered the first phase of 1,000 plus buildings in the rural churches. None of those churches can generate that fund in the next 30 years.

“No, we’re hunting after souls. Money? Nonsense. We’ve never lacked it and yet we’ve never prayed for it.” 

Watch the video below

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