Hospital Worker Stole Dying Patient Identity To Claim Covid Identity With His Friend

With the help of his ‘drug dealer’ friend, a part-time San Diego hospital worker has been charged of attempting to claim COVID-19 payments using the identities of dying patients.

According to a federal search warrant acquired by Forbes, hospital worker Matthew Lombardo would identify folks who were ‘on their way out’ at Scripps Health in San Diego and utilize their information to seek for enhanced unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 outbreak.

He also aided his friend, Konrad Piekos, who is described as a “drug dealer” in the search warrant. He allegedly instructed Lombardo to seek out vulnerable persons in the hospital, grab their information, and pass it on to him so they could claim benefits they were not entitled to.

Taking a photo of the patient’s insurance card was sometimes all that was required. According to the warrant, they also collected social security numbers and dates of birth at other instances.

Both individuals were detained earlier this year, with Piekos pleading not guilty and Lombardo awaiting an indictment.

It’s unknown whether their scheme worked or if they were caught supposedly attempting it.

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