Chinese Woman Arrested For Flashing Private Part During Public Livestream (Photos)

After amusing commuters with a racy strip tease in front of them, a Chinese woman was arrested.

Ms Liu, a Chinese woman from Huazhou, was captured on CCTV exposing her underpants on a train journey in Nanning, a Vietnamese border city, in May.

The 38-year-old passenger is seen in police footage seated close to two other commuters in a pretty crowded carriage.

She points her phone camera to her legs, then lifts her dress and flashes the camera at her private parts.

While she continues to livestream the risqué actions in public, Liu encourages her audience to buy her virtual gifts.

“Come on, I’m pleased as long as you love viewing it,” she said on the app to her followers.

A train conductor passes her in front of her, but he does not appear to notice her inappropriate behavior.

Liu was arrested on May 27 in Guangxi’s Luchuan County and charged with one count of reproducing, publishing, selling, or spreading pornographic electronic information for profit via the internet or mobile communications terminal, according to Nanning Metro Police.

The cops are currently looking into the situation.

Viewers were taken aback and hailed the cops for apprehending the woman.

“I didn’t see that in the CCTV,” one person stated, “and I’m shocked that people sitting about just watched.”

Another person wrote: “I mistook her for a pornographer and didn’t realize she was live-streaming. Nanning Metro Police, you have a nice site.”

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