Zimbabwean Pastor Arrested For Selling Tickets To Heaven

Pastor Tito Watts, a Zimbabwe based clergyman, and his wife, Amanda, were arrested for selling “tickets to heaven.”

According to the police, the Pastor and his wife scammed people into buying $500 tickets that shall get them into the gates of heaven, with no judgment.

Zimbabwean Pastor arrested for selling tickets to heaven for N180,000 each

According to Zimbabwean news sites, the Pastor stated, “I don’t care what people or the police say about me; I am being persecuted because I am performing God’s work.”

“Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me pure gold tickets to sell to individuals who wish to be saved,” he continued.

Thousands of people are reportedly protesting the pastor’s arrest, and police are being urged to release him immediately, according to news sources.

Watts claimed that the tickets were made of real gold and that each ticket guaranteed the buyer a place in heaven.

According to police investigations, the tickets are made of gold-coated wood with the words “Ticket to Heaven. Admit One” printed on them.

Amanda Watts, the wife, stated the following in her police statement:

“All we wanted to do was leave Earth and travel to space to smoke rock cocaine. Nothing was done by me. Tito was in charge of selling the golden tickets to heaven. I just sat there and watched.”

According to Inside Story, police seized almost $10,000 in cash, five crack pipes, and a baby alligator.

However, this isn’t the first time Tito and Amanda have made headlines. In 2015, Del Woodcock, a customer who paid $99.95 for a ticket from the couple, realized he had been duped after discovering he had only purchased a wooden ticket.

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