Suspected Robbers Involved In Accident While Escaping in Abia (Photos)

Suspected robbers who broke into a parking car to steal goods have been sent to the hospital after a horrific accident in their attempt to flee.

According to reports, the car’s owner, who requested anonymity, parked off BCA Road in Umuahia, Abia State, for a quick respite while keeping his dog ostensibly guarding a wrap holding an undisclosed sum of money.

Unbeknownst to one of the robbers, who pretended to be a visitor in the bustling establishment, a surprise awaited him.

The dog reached out for the wrapped cash after shattering the side window of the car and stretching his hand for it, and the dog bit him mercilessly on the hand.

His gang comrades who were watching from afar instantly raised the alarm, drawing the attention of the guests in the area, including the vehicle’s owner.

Three of them bolted when they saw him, while the other three hopped into a Keke NAPEP with the registration number Ebonyi AKL-832-UM they had brought with them.

They were involved in a collision along BCA road in an attempt to flee quickly.

According to a witness, the suspects who fled on their heels after learning of the incident returned to the scene, pleading with other road users to assist them in transporting their accident injured gang members to the hospital.

They were taken to the hospital right away, and their Keke, which had been wrecked beyond repair, was abandoned.

CPS men from the Nigerian Police Force were claimed to have arrived and started tracking ownership of the Keke NAPEP.

At the time of writing, efforts were being made to locate the hospital where they are receiving treatment.

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