Nigerian Lady Abducted, Starved To Death By Criminals in Libya

A young Nigerian woman is said to have died after being kidnapped, tortured, and malnourished by an armed gang in Libya.

According to a video shared on Facebook by Vahalla Soja on Monday, July 19, the deceased and other African migrants were on their way to Libya when their car broke down in Qatrun, a village in the Murzuq District of Southern Libya, on the main road to Chad and Niger.

The migrants were allegedly kidnapped by criminals and held captive in the ‘Tranki’ prison in Sabha, Southwestern Libya, where they were tortured and malnourished.

The abductors allegedly wanted a ransom of 8,500 Iraqi Dinars (N2.3 million) from each of the victims before releasing them.

“We just lost this girl in sabha to the hands of tranki. They were on their way to Libya and their car broke down at gatron, so people came and carried them to sabha and put them in tranki demanding 8,500dinars each, beatings, and starvation, and this lady died yesterday.” Vahalla wrote.

According to accounts, these armed organizations including traffickers and Africans, target small convoys of migrants, seize their valuables and then threaten their lives unless a ransom is paid.

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