Man seeks advice after a lady he alleges not having feelings for got pregnant for him

A man has sought the advice of people on a situation that has to do with a lady whom he alleges he doesn’t have feelings for who later got pregnant for him.

The man who acknowledged not loving the lady right from the beginning narrated how he had a night-stand with her and now she is pregnant for him.

He disclosed that he is so troubled right now as he doesn’t know how he will handle a woman who is not his spec and does not love.

Read what he wrote below:

“I met a girl via your Bae Search or rather she met me cos she was the one that came to me when I posted a search for a girlfriend. I looked at her pics as she wasn’t my spec, no attraction at all but I didn’t want to kill that courage she had to approach me. So I gave her green light. We chatted for weeks and then we arranged to meet…”

Read the full story below:

Man seeks advice after lady he claims he doesn't have feelings for got pregnant for him

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