Lady cries out over her boyfriend’s behavior after a long video call with a male friend

A lady has cried out due because of her boyfriend’s behavior towards her after she had a long video call with a male friend of hers who just checked up on her.

Recounting her predicament, she revealed that her boyfriend’s mood suddenly changed towards her after she had a video call with the male friend. She also disclosed that he is always against her having friends.

She also narrated when he physically abused her some months ago.

Read what she wrote below:

“My boyfriend has been around for a couple of months now… Two days ago I did a video call with a friend… someone from my childhood, a guy.. and before yesterday I don’t talk to him, he just called me randomly out of the blues. The call lasted for a long while, the whole time my boyfriend was in the toilet smoking, he came out and started giving me attitude…”

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