“They Poisoned Her Drink And Came To See If She’s Dead” – Lady Explains How Her Friend Escaped Death (Video)

A lady has taken to social media to narrate how her friend’s drink was poisoned by her friends.

In the viral video, the lady was seen explaining how her friend narrowly escaped death, as a result of a poisoned drink her friends gave to her.

She said this friend of hers sells roasted fish in a shop she rented few miles from her house.

On that very day, two guys who are a very good close friend of her, came to her shop to buy fish which she sold to them. But before they left, they gave her a drink (alcoholic) that she should use to keep her body warm.

Fortunately, her friend didn’t take the drink, instead, she left it on the plates she was taking home that day.

The next day, those guys came to visit her in her house early in the very unusual morning, so she cooked for them and they ate.

She then decided to check on the drink they gave to her the other day when she noticed some spilled groundnut oil it, So she took dry clothe and she started to clean the oil on the bottle.

In the course of cleaning it, her friend unconsciously turned the drink upside down, after which some of its content started to pour out while it was still sealed.

So she raised it upright and examined it closely. That was when she saw a tiny hole in the bottle cap and some white particles in the drink, which shows that the drink has been injected with poison.

Watch the video below


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