Kenyan man arrested for wearing dress, bra and panties; says ‘he has been cursed’

A 35-year-old man was detained in Lamu, Kenya, when he was discovered wearing female clothing in the Bajuri district of Lamu island.

When Mutahi Wahome was apprehended on Saturday night, July 17, he was dressed in a bubu and carrying a handbag.

“Under the bubu, he was wearing a pink frock, a bra, and a pair of pants,” an officer said.

When asked why he was out so late despite the curfew, Wahome explained that he was working on a set of wings to improve his flying abilities.

He stated that if his technology is successful, he plans to fly beyond Earth to other worlds.

Wahome said he had a lot to offer the aviation industry in the country and that he was in the process of obtaining a flying permit to be allowed to fly freely around the country’s airspace.

Asked why he had to test his wings at 1am and not any other time and while dressed as a woman, Wahome explained that he prefers doing so at night and at the beach as the conditions are conducive.

“I don’t want to cause an accident. That’s why I do it when there are no people, plus at the beach there is wind which helps me test the acceleration powers of my wings. Just like with any other invention, you don’t test where there are people unless you are confident about it,” said Wahome.

The officers said they were on patrol when they spotted Wahome and upon asking to stop, he fled prompting them to give chase and finally caught up with him.

“We knew a woman couldn’t run at such a high speed at such a time and so we pursued him. We were shocked that he was actually a man dressed as a woman,” said the officer.

Once at the station, Wahome was undressed and discovered to have been wearing female clothing up to the last detail.

He told police he believes he has been cursed as he has been wearing female clothes from the tender age of nine years.

Wahome who came to Lamu from Nyeri county a year ago has been working as an assistant at a local carpentry shop in Mkomani where he apparently has been working on his ‘invention’ as he prepares to take off to the air.

Kenyan man arrested for wearing dress, bra and panties; says

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