Trending: Groom kidnapped from wedding reception by some suspected yahoo boys for allegedly stealing their money

The ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ business, formally known as cyber fraud in Nigeria’s cybercrime law, is not a new phenomenon in the country.

The illicit business, mostly perpetrated by young men and sometimes women, is an offshoot of the so-called ‘419’ business of the 1980s and 1990s.

However, a report trending online narrated how a groom was kidnapped by suspected yahoo boys on alleged of stealing their money.

According to Twitter user @Letter_to_Jack who shared the accident online wrote:

“Wedding was looking sweat today in Abeokuta until yahoo boys carry inside Benz drive am away sau e steal their money

“When people tell me say one wedding don scatter because groom has been kidnapped. I asked how? Kidnapping in our city? Wetin happen?

“As dem narrate am to me say na yahoo boys run the kidnapping i just begin dey laugh.

This happened today at New Gate  hotel Abeokuta.”


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