Residents Stranded, Cars Submerged As Flood Ravages Lagos (Photos/Video)

On Friday, as heavy rain continued for hours, several vehicles were submerged underwater and citizens of Lagos state were stuck in various sections of the state.

Residents were seen straining to wade through the flood from Ladipo to Marina, Lekki to Ikeja, Idumagbo to Oshodi, and other locations, as the water level rose above people’s ankles, and in some cases, above their knees.

Some automobiles were also flooded, and inhabitants in some areas were stranded because they couldn’t move for fear of being swept away by the flood.

During the extreme flooding, videos were widely posted on social media showing people fighting to get to their parked cars.

As he surveyed his waterlogged automobile, an anonymous guy commented in one of the films, “I don’t know whether this car will ever be able to move again.” “It’s flooding everywhere.”

Despite the fact that it has rained every day in Lagos since Wednesday, flooding is a typical occurrence in the state, which is home to over 20 million people.

Despite government efforts to build drainage systems and warnings against throwing trash in them, flooding is nearly always a certainty following heavy rains.

The state administration announced on Thursday that it will ramp up cleaning of canals in four local government areas that had been clogged with human waste.

Lagos has 176 principal and subsidiary water canals that must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Watch video below

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