“I Went to a Man’s House But Discovered That He Was Using a Student Bed so I Lied to him and Left” – Lady Laments

There are stories you read online and it will make you wonder what exactly some human beings are turning into.

This lady’s story is really surprising but then as humans, we have different things we can not tolerate.

A lady identified as Morenkeji Adekunle Praiseberry has narrated her story in a Facebook group called “Rant Hq Extension”.

She narrated how she went to a man’s house for the first time after three date nights but on getting there, she discovered that the man was using a student bed.

According to her, this alone is a turn-off and because of that she faked a phone call and left.

She did not only leave the man but she also blocked his number so that he will never be able to call her again.

Read her story below.

I just remembered one time I went to a man’s house. That was my first time after 3 date nights and I was already calling my grandmum to help me thank God that I have already found the man.

I got to his house and I found out dude uses a student bed, it couldn’t even contain both of us, like… He can afford a 2 bedroom flat but couldn’t afford a decent bed. Oloun maje! Well, faked a phone call and lied to him that something came up and then, blocked his number afterwards . What about you?

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