“Despite Sending 20K Twice For Her, She Later Dumped Me For Another Guy After She Visits And I Did Not Touch Her- Man Laments

Relationships aren’t always beds of roses as what may be thriving well for one in a particular relationship, may not work well for another when he tries in his.

Many ladies believe that when a man loves them or may want to sleep with them, that he can be willing to do anything including parting with some amount of money just to satisfy their quest and due to that, they try to as much as they can then but the fact remains that, not all men are after sleeping with a lady before helping her out.

Some men out of love have helped many ladies who are going through difficulties at some point in their lives, without making a sexual move at them.

However, a man by name of Michael took to a comment section on Facebook to narrate how he once gave a lady N20,000 twice without touching her, and in the end, she later slept with another guy when they had issues in their relationship.

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