“It was my mother’s choice to suffer with a broke man,” Blessing Okoro says as she advices women to stop suffering with men

Blessing Okoro has stated that remaining with a broke man was her mother’s choice.

This was mentioned as she was telling women to quit suffering at the hands of men. She advised them to suffer in order to build themselves rather than a man.

She said, ” “No, I can’t date someone who is broke and trying to make ends meet. I didn’t come into this planet to be miserable.”

Some of her followers were critical of her suggestions, and one Instagram user inquired if her father was wealthy before marrying her mother.

“Shebi ur papa get money before e marry ur mama,” the follower asked.

Blessing responded: “Na my mama choice to suffer, I refuse to be my mother. Not by force.”

"It was my mother

Blessing also told men to date women in their level.

"It was my mother

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