“How can a man cut vegetable for a woman he married with his own money” – Man ignites discussion

A social media user has launched responses online after he boldly indicated his irritation over men who help their wives in the kitchen.

The man recognized by his Facebook username as Gentle Smile from his viewpoint asserted how awful and annoying it is to see a man chopping vegetables for a woman he married with his own money.

Read what he wrote below:

“Some married men are terrible ,how can you be cutting vegetables for a woman you married with your own money, pls is irritating”

Vegetable Man Woman Kitchen

Responding to this, people criticized such an impression.

See conclusions below:

Buchi Enenwali wrote:

Oh just cutting vegetables?, I go I the market, cook,wash, mop, sweep and even help her loose her hair. And yet I am not less a man.

Chidiebere John wrote:
This is the result of nursing ur baby with cowbell instead of breast milk…Painfully, one innocent girl will be calling this poster my man…my love!

Gabriel Oziegbe Okpoye wrote :
Oh boy you are on your own here o. Is kitchen division of labor bad to hasten d readiness of the food? Sidon der Mr irritating make hunger gee you der

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