BREAKING: Haiti President Assassinated, Wife Reportedly Injured

Jovenel Mose, the president of Haiti, was assassinated in his home on Wednesday morning.

A group of assassins killed Mose in his private residence around 1 a.m. local time on Wednesday, according to Haitian Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

Mose’s wife, First Lady Martine Mose, was also shot in the attack and remains in the hospital, according to Joseph.

Joseph said that he is now the ruler of the kingdom.

“Foreigners who spoke English and Spanish assassinated the president at his home,” Joseph claimed.

The perpetrators were not identified in the statement, however it was stated that they spoke Spanish.

According to interim Prime Minister Joseph, the assassination was carried out by a commando force with “foreign elements,” according to Robenson Geffrard, a reporter for Le Nouvelliste and a host on Radio Magik 9.

Joseph denounced what he called a “hateful, brutal, and barbaric conduct,” adding that the situation in Haiti was under control thanks to the National Police and other authorities.

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