American Rapper Kodak Black Throws $100,000 Into The Ocean, Flushes Money Down The Toilet (Video)

Controversial American rapper Kodak Black has gotten people talking when he was seen dumping money in the ocean and flushing dollar notes down the toilet.

In a video posted to his official Instagram page, the 24-year-old rapper was seen dumping a stack of $100 bills off a boat.

“When Dem Bleep Ni*gas Wouldn’t Give You A Dime, I Broke You Off!!! I don’t owe you anything, Ni”ga; all I wanted was to see you shine!!! He captioned the photo, “Yeen Never Gave Me Sh!t Ni”ga I Had My Own Grind!!!!”

In another video of him shared online, Kodak was seen stuffing several hundred dollars in the toilet before flushing it, and when the money got clogged and refused to flush, Kodak puts his hand in the toilet to push it down the hole.

Watch video below

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