“If your boyfriend breaks up with you, ask him what you did wrong after two days but never beg him to accept you back”–relationship therapist Blessing Okoro advises ladies

After a breakup, relationship therapist Blessing CEO advises clients not to ask their partners to accept them back.

She believes that if a man threatens to break up with them, ladies should allow him two days and then ask what went wrong.

Blessing CEO in a video she posted said;

“Stop begging people to take you back. Before people break up with you, they have already thought about it. If your boyfriend breaks up with you, give him two days and ask him what you did wrong. If he refuses to talk about it, leave him alone.

When people break up with you, don’t beg but talk instead. When you beg, they may accept you out of pity but when you eventually get back into the relationship, you would be behaving like a house girl.”

The statement made by Blessing CEO demonstrates why it is critical to maintain one’s dignity following a separation or divorce. A person who decides to end a relationship has already given it some thought, and pleading with them may not be advisable.

There is always an opportunity to meet new people who would be more appreciative and this why one must not lose his or her dignity after a breakup.

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