Nigerian Cultists Clash In Dubai, Butcher Each Other (Photos)

There was bloodshed as Nigerian cultists in the United Arab Emirates attack another group of Nigerians believed to be a rival sect.

Nigerians engaged in a brutal brawl in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, that resulted in numerous deaths.

It’s unclear what sparked the conflict a few days ago, but rumors say it was between two opposing cult groups, with some innocent Nigerians caught in the crossfire.

A group armed with machetes arrives at an apartment complex in Sharjah, according to surveillance footage. When they arrived, they kicked a door open and assaulted the inhabitants.

Other films show the attack’s aftermath, including disfigured victims on the floor of a tight hallway. Blood can also be seen flowing down the bodies of injured guys.

Ambulances arrived quickly at the scene, which was littered with bodies.

“Over 22” individuals were killed in the attack, according to an unsubstantiated account from Nigerians in the UAE.

See photos below

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