“He wants 3 rounds every night and I can’t, I’m refunding his money”- a 20-year-old wife cries out

It’s a dream of every woman marrying and having a family. Some of these dreams are broken by the abuse of marriage, and reality turns out to be the antithesis of what they felt was marriage.

A 20-year-old lady identified as Anathi Nomeva was happy when the bride price was paid by her husband. Unknowing to her it was the start of her nightmares.

Afterward, her husband becomes a poking monster that every night he demands three rounds of sex, due to long nights, she wakes every day exhausted.

Nomeva who is now crying out said she’s tired of this marriage because she cannot meet the demands of her husband.

She further stated that she has given up on the marriage and she’s ready to reimburse her husband’s bride price.

She said they have been together for 2 years and can’t go on. She added that even when she’s not in the mood. She usually does it merely to please him, and she always feels pain.

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