At the Diana statue visit, Prince William puts his foot down, claiming that the Duke ‘did not want Meghan.’

Prince William made it clear that Meghan Markle would not be attending the unveiling of the new Princess Diana statue.

On what would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, July 1st, the ceremony will take place. Following conflicting rumors, it was confirmed earlier this week that Meghan Markle will not go to London for the event.

However, royal expert Charlotte Griffiths told newsmen that William played a part in this decision.

She said: “This decision and this whole thing was 50 percent William.

“Diana is his mother too. He makes a point about that regularly behind closed doors.

“This was not the right time to bring Meghan in because there is so much tension between Wiliam and Meghan particularly.”

a close up of a person talking on a cell phone: MEGHAN MARKLE

He said: “It’s not a surprise because she wasn’t expected to attend.

“The day was always very much about Diana and her sons. They are the ones making the speeches.

“Can you imagine Meghan coming over after everything that has passed?”

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